Dumpster Rental Tips

Whether this is your first dumpster rental or you’ve rented before, here are some dumpster rental tips to help you rent the dumpster that’s right for you.

Normally, you will be renting a roll off dumpster. A roll off dumpster is a dumpster that is carried on a truck and rolled off the back onto your parking lot, street or driveway.

Roll-off dumpsters are useful for large trash removal projects. They are good for estate cleanups, Spring cleaning, cleaning out foreclosures or trash disposal when moving out of a home. Renting a dumpster is also a must have for cleaning up construction debris. And, whether you are remodeling or re-roofing or engaging in any other construction projects. Putting a temporary waste dumpster at your construction site is a great convenience.

Roll-off dumpster rentals

Roll off dumpsters have been called many names including open top dumpsters, construction dumpsters, roll off containers, trash dumpsters, and drive way dumpsters and many others.

Whatever it is called, a dumpster is a container for temporarily holding trash. Dumpsters can be rented for different lengths of time from days to weeks. It depends on the needs of the customer and how big the cleanup job is. It could be anything from simply house cleaning to removing trash from a construction site.

Commercial dumpsters come in a variety of sizes and are rated based on the amount of cubic yards they hold. The most common is usually one yard to ten yards. These are the size dumpsters that you see behind businesses. Roll off dumpsters also come in a number of other sizes. These can range from twenty cubic yards up to forty cubic yards.

You should consider renting a dumpster that is one size up from the minimum that you think you’ll require. This will prevent the need for your rental company to empty your dumpster ahead of schedule and substitute another. Since replacing your dumpster might even cost you double the original price, this will save you a considerable amount of money in fees.

Cubic volume of a dumpster is calculated by multiplying the length times the width times the height.

You should consider the size of dumpster that you need based on the amount and size of the debris or trash that you want to remove. Debris that comes in large chunks can fill up a small dumpster very quickly.

Once you review our pricing and our rental policies, you can place your order and schedule a date for your chosen temporary dumpster to be delivered to where your clean up or construction project is located.

Typical rental periods are three, seven or fourteen days depending on your needs. Check with us for the rental periods that we offer. After your clean up project is complete, you can call us and we will pick up the dumpster and remove the trash to a landfill or recycling center.

Be sure to check with us, before ordering, if you believe that you will need your rental dumpster for a considerable length of time. There may be extra charges if you require a dumpster for longer than the standard rental periods offered. This usually breaks down to a fee of so much per day, such as five dollars or ten dollars per day.

We will make special arrangements if you need your dumpster for a longer than standard period. Extra charges may also apply if your dumpster is heavier than the weight agreed to in your rental contract. Landfills and transfer stations weigh dumpsters before dumping them and the dumpster rental company pays a fee based on the weight of the trash.

If your trash is heavier than the agreed to weight, a per-ton overage fee will be applied. This fee can range from thirty dollars to ninety dollars per ton over and depends on the landfill charges in your area. It depends a lot on the type of refuse you will be disposing of. Bricks, cement blocks and drywall can cause weight to quickly increase, while normal trash and leftovers from yard work are usually much lighter.

Dumpster rental questions

It’s important to know the amount of rental time and how much weight is included in the contracted price. It’s also important to know if there are additional fees that might be charged for any reason. You should make a list of questions that you intend to ask us.

These questions should cover anything you might be concerned about, as well as just pricing. While price is important, price should not be the only consideration. You want to rent from our company because we can best give you the great service that you require and gives you forthright and clear answers to your questions.

When discussing you requirements with us, it may be useful to know the terminology. For example, a dumpster is usually called a “container” or “roll off,” not a dumpster. Size is normally not referred to with the term “cubic yards,” such as “20 cubic yards.” Instead, the terminology is simplified by referring to size as simply “yarder” or “yard.” Such as, “I need a 20 yard,” or “I need a 20 yarder.”

Be sure to discuss your needs in detail with us before renting the dumpster. We will be glad to assist you in deciding on what dumpster to use. Also, check with your city or local government if you plan on placing the dumpster on the street. There may be permits required and different laws apply in different areas.

You should have your dumpster delivered the day before you intend to start construction, renovations or clean up work. That way, it will be ready when you are.

Properly following the above tips on renting a dumpster should make your experience pleasant and trouble free.

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